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What is a Last Will & Testament?

A Last Will & Testament is a legal document that explains and clarifies when and how your beneficiaries will inherit your property and assets. Your Will also identifies your choice of an executor, as well as who should be guardian to your minor child or pet. At Vernon & Associates, P.C., we will help you draft your last will and testament ensure that your property and assets end up in the hands of your designated beneficiaries. Contact our law office in Jamaica today to schedule an appointment.


Most Wills Contain the Following Information:

  • A list of all your assets
  • Names of individuals and charities who will receive your assets
  • Guardianship directives relating to minor children
  • Selection of an Executor
  • Burial or cremation instructions

Individuals and/or Married Couples Can Choose a Will Package That Includes the Following:


Last Will & Testament


Living Will


Healthcare Proxy


Power of Attorney

What is the Difference Between a Last Will and a Living Will?

A Last Will and Testament is an estate planning document that explains and clarifies what you want to happen to your property at the time of your death. A Living Will, on the other hand, is a legal document that outlines what your personal choices are when it comes to end of life medical treatment. To learn more about Living Wills and how we can help you draft these documents, click the button below.

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While it is not legally necessary to hire an attorney to draft your Last Will & Testament, it’s important to remember that its validity must be in full compliance with the statutory requirement of New York State law. Failure to follow these exact specifications may result in your Last Will & Testament being invalid.

To ensure that your Last Will & Testament meet the state’s compliance specifications, call our team at Vernon & Associates, P.C. in Jamaica today.

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Choose an Attorney You Can Trust For Your Last Will & Testament

At Vernon & Associates, P.C. in Jamaica, we put your needs first. And when it comes to putting together your Last Will & Testament, it’s important to choose an attorney with the care and compassion that we provide. Let us help you secure your property and your assets and protect your family and loved ones. Give us a call at our Jamaica law office today to schedule an appointment.

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